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YZF-600 Bodywork

Copyright 2007

written by: Jay Garmon

                           BEFORE                                                                             AFTER


Use a heat gun and wave back and forth over a small area holding gun about 6in. away. You'll notice the decal start to get loose. Get a corner started and slowly slowly slowly peel back. You'll only get a little at a time so peel an inch then apply heat, peel, then apply heat. Careful not to heat too long, the fairings are plastic and you dont want to melt them.

When all of the vinyl decals are gone, you'll be left with a sticky gunk left over from the adhesive part of the sticker. Use mineral spirits and or Goop Off! to get rid of the gunk. This stuff works best in 75 deg. temp. or warmer. Yes, it takes a while and its annoying as hell but eventually, the finished product is worth it.

heatgun: $20.00 (free off my work van)
cleaner: $3.00 (free from the laundry room)
adhesive remover: $1.97

getting rid of the barney theme on my bike:

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TUTORIAL - Removing Decals / 2007 edition